Tuesday, June 15, 2010

new marchers camp

being a bass trombone sucks as of now. It's so heavy for my weak arms. ]:
After new marchers camp, Jane was saying how during practice today she just thought of herself "I cannot believe I chose to do this for the band season. I'm stuck with this forever"
And though yes, I did choose to be a trombone, I did not sign up to be a bass trombone. I really don't know what the section leaders see in me, or if they just want to torture and make me work harder but meh I just really don't see the reasoning in why I of all people the noobs had to be stuck with a bass trombone.
It's not like my talents of playing low notes are God-send or anything.
ugh I don't know why I'm tripping balls so much over this but it just stinks. I really needa suck it up soon because I realize I can't complain this whole season but as of now