Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I was so happy before

but I guess it has to end somewhere. And today might be the day. I know doing over the internet is ridiculously naive, but I just want to get it over with.
I really don't think I like you anymore and looking back, I don't know why I went along with it. Each time you joked that you didn't like me, it hurt. I took all the times you said it seriously even if I had slight feelings you were joking. I don't know why I gave you so many chances. I'm not even that kind of person. Now I look back and I wondered exactly why was I so infatuated?

Did I like the attention? Yes.
Did I like knowing that someone actually liked me and was open to share his feelings with me? Quite Possibly.
Did I like you? I did.

You did make me laugh and I enjoyed your spontaneity; it was nice telling someone problems that wasn't part of my circle of friends, but now I just.. I don't know. I can't believe my feelings for you evaporated in this "cold" winter air so suddenly. I thought things would get better after seeing you tomorrow, but all I felt was annoyed.

But I guess they're right, you are clingy, even if I won't admit it. I'm not a Destiny Child, and I can't cater 2 u... HAHA. That was a good one. But I guess you need more attention than I can give. I was so interested that I didn't even care that you had 10 "flings" so far in high school. It should've drawn a red flag, but nope, I didn't give a fuck because I "liked" you that much.

I need to end this soon. It's really getting too time-consuming.

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